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Are you in pain? Seabiotics Omega 3 — Gainesville

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New from Norway

Smart body-Smart Brain-Smart Immune

Do You need more performance out of your body just to keep up?

Are you in pain right now?

ARE YOU SICK? Do you have chronic symptoms related to abnormal cholesterol, insulin, coronary, circulatory and/or immune function?

Is stress, attention deficit, or depression symptoms affecting your family? Do fatigue, mood swings and lack of focus and concentration affect your life?

ARE YOU HEALTHY? This new science goes beyond better health to create an environment in your body predisposed to superior performance.

Active people experience less fatigue, faster recovery times. You have less inflammation and soreness. Your body gets more oxygen. And your brain's neurological balance is restored providing you with better focus and concentration. More than ever before.

You can be faster, smarter, and better!
The latest medical research reported by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), our nation's premier medical research agency indicates yes!

The NIH invests over $27 billion a year conducting and evaluating medical research on behalf of you and every other American and supports nearly 6,000 scientists who work in its laboratories in Bethesda, MD.

The NIH is the best of the brightest minds in American science and medicine. Their purpose, as mandated by the US Government, is to make important medical discoveries that improve health and save lives.

This new data is overwhelming and it's still pouring in from over two decades of research, multiple population studies from three continents as well as science proves it all true. This is the new textbook science.

The data supporting pain-free living and freedom from abnormal cholesterol symptoms, insulin, coronary, circulatory and immune is last year's news (2005). Now the neurological values of this newly discovered marine miracle is documented and the implications are simply outstanding. It can change your life!

The only thing left to do is put Seabiotics into your body and start the process. Results come fast!

Seabiotics is the modern miracle that science has been promising

Seabiotics(tm) is new to America from Norway. Its medical and manufacturing teams invested over 20 years developing this miracle in a bottle for your doctor and health practitioner. There has never been a product like it before and there is not another product like it anywhere now.

It combats inflammation in the body, rejuvenates your immune system, and helps restore balance to brain function. All of this is yours with one tablespoon a day!

According to the US government, there are 225 million Americans who have at least one chronic disease. Every one of them needs to know about Seabiotics.

Omega-3s are the "secret" to why our neighbors in Norway, Greenland, Japan and the Mediterranean countries don't suffer from coronary or cardiovascular conditions. Attention, learning and depression symptoms are non-existent. They are "healthy and well" by American standards, It's time Americans catch up!

Get the edge and feel your best. You
can be smarter, faster, and better. Start today!

Listen to what Dr. Joseph Hibbeln (psychiatrist and a lipid biochemist) has to say at 512-703-8084. prompt 1. Dr. Hibbeln is from the US government's premier medical research agency, the National Institutes of Health. Or read/listen at:


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